Do-San was the pseudonym of the patriot Ahn Ch'ang Ho (1876-1938) who devoted his entire life to furthering education in Korea and Korea's independence movement.

0Parallel Ready
1W(90CCW)Left WalkingLeft Outer Forearm Block
2WLeft WalkingRight Rev.Middle Punch
NOTE: Perform 1&2 in continuous motion.
3E(180CW)Right WalkingRight Outer Forearm Block
4ERight WalkingLeft Rev.Middle punch
NOTE: Perform 3&4 in continuous motion.
5N(90CCW)Right LDouble Knife-Hand Guarding Block
6NRight WalkingRight Middle Thrust w. straight fingertipKiyap!
7N(360CCW)Left WalkingLeft High Side Strike w. Backfist
NOTE: Twist Knife-Hand together w. Body CCW, pivoting on Right Foot, turning CCW 360, forming Left Walking Stance
8NRight WalkingRight Middle Side Strike w. Backfist
9E(270CCW)Left WalkingLeft Outer Forearm Block
10ELeft WalkingRight Rev.Middle Punch
NOTE: Perform 9&10 in continuous motion.
11W(180CW)Right WalkingRight Outer Forearm Block
12WRight WalkingLeft Rev.Middle Punch
NOTE: Perform 11&12 in continuous motion.
13SE(135CCW)Left Walking High Wedging Forearm Block
14SELeft WalkingFront Snap Kick, Right Foot
NOTE: Keep hands in same position as in 13.
15SERight Walking Right Middle Punch,fast motion
16SERight WalkingLeft Rev.Middle Punch, fast motion
17SW(90CW)Right WalkingHigh Wedging Forearm Block
18SWRight WalkingFront Snap Kick, Left Foot
NOTE: Keep hands in same position as in 17.
19SWLeft WalkingLeft Middle Punch,fast motion
20SWLeft WalkingRight Rev.Middle Punch,fast motion
21S(45CCW)Left WalkingLeft High forearm Block
22SRight WalkingRight High Forearm Block
23W(270CCW)SittingLeft Knife-Hand Side Strike
24E(180CW)SittingRight Knife-Hand Side StrikeKiyap!
NOTE: After #23 is performed, slide the Left Foot to the Right Foot to form stance in #24.